Electronic Waste Donation in San Marcos

In Partnering with VGPI Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, we are pleased to be able to offer to you, via Veterans Green Projects, the VGPI Foundation E-waste donation program. This is a Program where you donate your e-waste, Veterans Green Projects services the business, monetizes the items ( when possible ) and your company receives a Certificate of Donation from VGPI Foundation 501c3 for the fair market value of the items.

1. Is this service for a business or residence?:

If business, please provide business name:

2. Please your provide name and contact (full name please):



3. Address:




4. What types of equipment would you like us to pickup? Please provide detailed amounts of each item.:

5. Will you require Certified Data Destruction for your hard drives?:

6. Can a large truck (26 ft long x 13.5 ft tall) drive up to your home or business?:

7. If business, what are your hours of operation?:

8. If home or business is located in a 2 story or more building, is there access to an elevator?:

9. Are there any special instructions for our team when arriving?:

10. Do you prefer a shipping option? yesno